65. The Bypass

“I drove over to Centerville the other day.  The traffic was an absolute mess,” I said to Stan.

“I know it sure can be,” was his response.  “Did you take the bypass?”

“Bypass?  I didn’t know there was a bypass.  How would I have found that?”

“Well,” Stan replied, “it is not real easy to find, but you could have gotten directions.”

“Boy, that probably would have saved me a lot of time.”

“And a lot of frustration,” Stan added.

Then he went on, “Has a lot of similarities to my walk with the Lord.  If I ask for directions on how to get from point A to point B with God, He always has the right answer for how to get there the best way.”

Continuing, Stan said, “But too often I don’t ask the right questions.  The result always is that I am stuck in the traffic of life on this side of eternity that is not going the best way.”

“Too often I think I know what is the best thing to do on my own, but, in fact, the best thing to do is to say to the Lord that I don’t know what to do and ask for directions to His bypass.”

“Can save a lot of heartache, frustration, and time going in the wrong direction.”

“Isn’t that what repentance is all about?” I asked with a smile.

“You got it, my friend,” was Stan’s response.


The highway of the righteous is to depart from evil; he who watches

 his way preserves his life.  Proverbs 16:17.

Prayer:  Lord, you have given me free will to go whatever way I want, but I want to go only the way you have for me.  Your way is always best.  I need and I ask for your help in getting me out of your way so you can show me where and which way you have for me to go.  Amen.

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