67. Pride

Intending it as a compliment, I said to Stan, “You must be awfully proud of the relationship you have developed with God.”

“May it never be,” was his response.

“Pride only gets in the way of my relationship with God, and should never be the result of the relationship.”

“Everything about my relationship with God came from Him, except, perhaps, for one thing.”

“And what is that one thing,” I asked.

“Choosing to allow Him to do whatever He wants in and through me.”

“To be totally honest with you, my friend,” Stan continued, “pride is, in fact, a constant problem for me.  I tend to think too highly of myself and of my relationship with God.”

“I tend to want to bask in the glow of His light, rather than walking in it.”

“I have to constantly, and I mean constantly, remind myself that I have to get out of God’s way so He can do what He wants.  When I get to thinking how wonderful it is that God is using me, that is when I am going in the wrong direction, and I am in danger of losing any usefulness to Him.”

“Stan, you are a hard person to compliment,” I said with a smile.”

“May that always be the case if it interferes with my relationship with God.”


Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.  Proverbs 16:18.

Prayer:  Lord, you know my tendency to be proud, to think more of myself than you intend.  I confess that and give it to you, asking that you help keep it from interfering with my relationship with you.  Lord, pride is of self, and it gets in the way of being who you intend and doing what you want.  Please help me.  Amen.

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