81. Proof of Receipt

“When we are finished with our time this morning,” Stan said, “I need to stop by the Post Office.  Would you try to remind me?”

“Sure,” I said.  “What do you need to do there?”

“Yesterday there was a notice of a registered letter in my mail box.  I need to pick it up and sign for it at the Post Office as proof that I got it.”

Stan continued, “You know there are some real parallels about that and my spiritual walk with God.”

“How so?”

“God sent His Son into the world.  Did I receive Him?  Is there proof of receipt?”

“And, further,” Stan continued, “Jesus asked His Father to send the Holy Spirit.  He did send Him, but the question is did I receive Him?  Where’s the proof?”

“What kind of proof are you talking about, Stan?”

“My life is to be the proof.  My life is to be a manifestation of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  There should be no question of whether there is proof of receipt.”

“It’s just like the matter of if I am accused of being a Christian, is there enough evidence to convict me?!”

“Too often I act like the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life is a given, without it being necessary to get myself out of His way so He can and will be manifested.”


Receive the Holy Spirit.  John 20:22.

Prayer:  Lord, you sent your only Son into the world to atone for my sin and separation from you so that I can have life with you forever when my time here is done.  I accepted that free gift.  You then sent your Holy Spirit to live in me to give me life with you on this side of eternity.  You know how often I fail to manifest proof that I received Him.  I ask for your help so that there is never a question about that.  Amen.

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