83. Missed Opportunities

“Stan,” I began one morning, “do you think you have ever missed any opportunities to serve God?”

“You might just as well asked me if I have ever taken a breath,” Stan replied with a smile.  “I miss them every hour of every day.”

“Missed opportunities to serve God are part of life.  But there is a good part.”

“God uses those misses to teach me how not to miss the next opportunity, but that comes with a condition.”

“What’s the condition?” I asked.

“I have to be open to learning.”

“I can’t just acknowledge that I blew another opportunity and take on a loser mentality.”

“I have to acknowledge my miss and ask God to show me why; and I have to ask Him how He wants me to respond differently to the next opportunity He puts in front of me.”

“Do you normally know the reason why?” I interrupted.

“Always,” was Stan’s response.  “Self.”

“Whenever I do not take the opportunity God puts in front of me it is because self raises its ugly head and says ‘that is not what I want to do.’”

“But each time I deny self and do what I know God wants me to do, it gets easier because of the joy that comes from hearing His ‘well done!’”

“And,” Stan added, “there is a further upside.  Each time I respond in obedience to what God wants me to do, the next opportunity usually involves a more complex assignment.”

“What’s the upside in that?” I asked.

“The opportunity to draw ever closer to Him and to His will.”


To one who knows the right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin.  James 4:17.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for wanting me to be involved in what you are doing.  You know how blind I can be to what you want.  I give that blindness to you and ask that you move in me in exact accord with your will to show me and to help me be who and do what you intend for me in every aspect of my being. Amen.

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