84. Bearing Witness

“A while back,” Stan began, “I got a registered letter I had to sign for.”

“I remember,” I said.

“Well, it was a summons for me to testify about a car crash I saw.  Today is the day I am to go and testify about that.”

“Does that concern you?”

“No, I will just say what I saw.  One party or the other may try to get me to change what I say, but I know what I saw.  I will just tell them the truth.”

Continuing, Stan said, “It’s  just like my Christian witness.  I am to tell people what I know to be the truth.”

“They can accept or reject what I say, but I know it is the truth, and I am to tell them the truth that they may believe.”

“Does it hurt your feelings when people don’t accept what you say as the truth?” I asked.

“No. That’s up to them.  Each person has a choice to believe or not.  I feel badly for those who do not accept the truth and lose what they could have by believing,  but I know they are rejecting that, not me.”

“My role is to simply tell the truth and leave the rest to God.”


And he who has seen has borne witness, and his witness is true; and he knows that he is telling the truth, so that you also may believe.  John 19:35.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for showing me the truth of your love, grace, and mercy.  Please help me in living and speaking the truth in every aspect of my life so that others may also see and believe.  May they know the truth of your provision for them when their time here is finished, and for their time remaining on this side of eternity.  Amen.

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