97. Leaving Room for God

Note from The Storyteller:  If you have not read entries 1-96 don’t hesitate doing that because Stan has some insight that may help you.  All of the entries can be found at the following website:  www.waiting4thetrain.com.  Also, feel free to forward this email to everyone you think would be interested in reading this blog.


“Shortly after I became a Christian,” Stan began, “I was on a business trip with a colleague who was also a friend.”

“Was he a Christian also?” I asked.

“No, but something happened that eventually changed his eternal destination.”

“Tell me about it,” I responded.

“We were having dinner together one evening.  I was telling him that I had become a Christian.  I was new at that sort of thing and was kind of stumbling along.”

“I can sure relate to that,” I said.

“At one point in our conversation, my friend asked me why I would want him to go to heaven.”

“Did you have an answer for him?”

“God did,” Stan answered.

“I told my friend that I wanted him to be in heaven so we would be together.  Right when I said that, a tear rolled down my cheek.”

“Many times after that, my friend told me that my tear was the most precious thing he had ever seen and was instrumental in his becoming a Christian later.”

“And,” Stan continued, “the thing that is so great is that it was God’s tear, not mine.  I just happened to be there and left room for Him to shed that tear for my friend.”

“God knows a whole lot better than I do what other people need in order to see Him.  My role is to leave room for Him to do whatever He wants in and through me.”


You will make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; in your right hand there are pleasures forever.  Psalm 16:11.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you that you want to use me for your purposes.  You know how much I focus on what I want, rather than what you want.  I give you all of me.  I choose to get out of your way so you can have all of the room you want to do your will in and through me.  Amen.

One thought on “97. Leaving Room for God”

  1. So often prior to sharing Christ with someone I’ll think of how I can share Christ in a relatable or clever way; to help engage that person, when in fact, my “job” is to be authentic and caring in sharing. It’s not “my job” to be coercive. It is my obligation to honor & glorify God by being authentic in clearly sharing the impact God has in the life He has given to each of us and why He GIVEs….”For God so loved…”


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