123. The Right Fuel

Note from The Storyteller:  If you have not read entries 1-122, don’t hesitate doing that because Stan has some insight that may help you.  All of the entries can be found at the following website:  https://www.waiting4thetrain.com/.  Also, feel free to forward this email to everyone you think would be interested in reading this blog.

“I was reading through some old journals last night,” Stan said with a smile.  “I ran across an entry that brought back a funny memory that wasn’t so funny at the time.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“My wife and I were traveling in Spain with some good friends.  We had rented a car to travel around.  It was a great time together.”

“One day the car needed some fuel.  I was driving and I pulled into a truck stop to get some gasoline.”

“What was so funny about that?” I replied, knowing that there had to be something coming.

“Well,” Stan said, “the fuel pumps were kind of confusing.  I ended up filling the car with diesel rather than gasoline.”

“Oh, boy,” I said, “that could ruin the engine.”

“It sure could have, as well as ruined at least a day of our vacation, but I realized my mistake before starting the car.”

“So we were able to have the car towed to where they drained the tank and filled it with the proper fuel.”

“We were on our way without too much delay.  And, rather than a big deal, we have a story with a happy ending.”

“That’s great,” I replied.

“And,” Stan said with another smile, “there is a spiritual lesson here.”

“Remember when we were talking about the analogy of garbage in garbage out.”  [Note to reader:  see Entry 17, GIGO or CICO.]

“I do,” I said.

“Well, this story has the obvious point that it is essential for me to be filled with the right fuel in order to be who and what God intends for me.”

Continuing, Stan said, “If I fill myself with the wrong things, I will have ruined my ability to go down God’s road as He intends.”

“And I won’t be of use to Him until I drain my tank and get filled up with what He has for me.”


Be filled with the Spirit.  Ephesians 5:18.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, that you want me to be filled only with you and what you have for me.  Thank you for the truth of my need to empty myself of all that is contrary to you and what you have for me.  I give you all of me to empty just as you want, and to fill me to overflowing with what you want.  Thank you that I can and do come before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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