184 To God Be The Glory

“In all I do,” Stan began, “my role is to magnify and glorify God.”

Continuing, he said, “And that is to be followed by blessing others in God’s name and for His sake so that their vision of God is expanded and enhanced.  The result should be that they, too, will want to magnify and glorify God.”

“Sounds about right to me,” I responded.  “How do you think you are doing with that?”

“God keeps me on track,” Stan responded, “as long as I get myself out of His way.”

Stan then continued, “I was reading in the Book of Acts this morning and ran across a really good example of how much God wants to be given glory.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“In the twelfth chapter,” Stan responded, “there is an account about Herod.  He wasn’t a very nice guy, went around being angry a lot of the time, had people executed, and generally thought he was pretty special.”

Continuing, Stan said, “It seems he really liked it when other people also thought he was special.”

“Sounds a little bit like some people I know!” I responded with a smile.

“Well,” Stan responded, “the account goes on to show how very much God doesn’t like for someone to take the glory that belongs to Him.”

“How so?” I asked.

“It says,” Stan replied, “that an angel of the Lord struck Herod because he did not give God the glory.  It goes on to say that Herod was eaten by worms and died.”

“Wow!” I responded.  “That took care of him.”

“Yeah,” Stan said, “and it really made me think about how much God wants me to give Him glory in all I am and in all I do.”

Continuing, he said, “I’m not real concerned that God is going to strike me dead.  He can if He wants, but He made it real clear to me what He does want.  And that is that I give Him all the glory, not hog any of it for myself.”

“Amen!” I responded.


And on an appointed day Herod, having put on his royal apparel, took his seat on the rostrum and and began delivering an address to them.  And the people kept crying out, “The voice of a god and not of a man!”  And immediately an angel of the Lord struck him because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and died.  Acts of the Apostles 12:21 — 23.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for making it vividly clear to me how much you want me to give you glory.  Please forgive me for all of the times I have taken and have wanted glory that belongs to you.  I choose to give you glory for all you are and for all you do and want to do in and through me.  Please, Lord, move in me in exact accord with your will so I live a life that glorifies you in everything, never taking any credit for myself for what you do and have done.  Thank you I can and do bring all of these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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