209. Asking For Help

“Stan,” I said, “you seem to understand a lot of things about God.”

“If that is the way it seems,” he responded, “you have not spent much time walking around inside my head!”

“Yes,” he continued, “I understand some things about God, but it ends with ‘some.’”

“Jesus said that knowing God is what eternal life is all about. And I am to continue pursuing that knowledge for as long as I remain on this side of eternity.”

Continuing, Stan then said, “When I step into eternity to spend the rest of it with God, I will know Him just as He wants.”

“But, as long as I am here, I am to ask God for all of the help He can muster in aiding me to understand and to know Him.”

“To give you a concrete example,” Stan then said, “it’s just like the Ethiopian eunuch in the eighth chapter of the Book of Acts.  He did not understand what he was reading from the words of Isaiah, and he asked Philip to help him.”

“When I do not understand something about God, I am to invite Him to help me.”

“I can assure you, my friend, that God is more than willing to help me.  He is eager to do so and is waiting for me to ask.”

Stan then concluded, “God does not want me to walk around in the darkness of ignorance about Him when He has all of the light I need.”


Ask and it shall be given to you.  Matthew 7:7.

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for being willing to help me know and understand you.  I know that I will not know you completely on this side of eternity, but I also know that you want me to pursue knowing you as long as I have a breath to take.  Please, Lord, help me in knowing you.  Open me to seek from you all you have.  Help me in keeping away from the lie that I think I know as much about you that I need.  Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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