227. Seeking God’s Presence, or Just His Presents?

“I have a neighbor,” Stan began, “who has to travel often for his work.  He is gone at least a few days just about every week.”

“That must be tough on him and his family,” I responded.

“It is,” Stan replied.  He then added, “Just the other day he was telling me something about it that really bothered him.”

“Do you mind telling me about that?” I asked.

“He said that almost every time he gets home, his wife asks him, ‘what did you bring me?’”

Stan continued, “My neighbor said he wished his wife would just be happy to have him home without expecting him to have brought her something.”

“How did you respond to that?” I asked.

“I told him,” Stan said, “that I used to have the same attitude with God.”

“What did you mean by that?” I asked.

“There was a time,” Stan responded, “when all I wanted from God was what He provided, rather than just wanting to be with Him.”

Continuing, Stan said, “At one point in my growing relationship with God, He made it real clear to me that He wants me to just bask in the glow of His presence rather than constantly asking Him to give me more things.”

“God wants me to relish and to enjoy His presence without constantly asking Him for more presents.”

Concluding, Stan then said, “God has already provided me with infinitely more than I deserve.   He has given me Himself to enjoy, and that is what I am doing.  If He wants to give me anything else, I am leaving that up to Him without asking.”

“Amen,” I responded.


Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  James 4:8.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, that you want to be near to me.  You know how often I want only what you can and do provide, rather than just wanting to be in your presence.  Please forgive me for all of those selfish requests.  And please, Lord, lead me and help me to follow in just wanting you.  Please fill me with the awe of being in the presence of you, the Lord God Almighty.  Thank you I can and do bring all of these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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