241. Unlimited Access

“One of my fondest golf memories,” Stan said, “is when my son and I got to go to the Ryder Cup.”

“Remind me what that is,” I replied.

“It is a big men’s golf tournament that occurs every two years between a team for the United States against a team for Europe.”

“So it’s a big deal?” I responded.

“Big deal,” Stan said, “and my son and I were able to go with some VIP passes we were given.  We had virtually unlimited access to every single aspect of the match between the two teams.”

“Sounds terrific.”

“It was,” Stan replied, “and, as you might expect, there is a spiritual component to this story,” he said with a smile. 

“Fire away,” I said.

“While we were at the Ryder Cup we were given passes we wore around our necks.  The passes said ‘VIP Unlimited Access.”

“That is exactly what I have in my relationship with God through the finished work of Christ on the cross.  I have unlimited access to God.”

Continuing, Stan said, “While we were at the Ryder Cup I have to admit I was kind of proud to have a pass that gave me access that other people did not have, but then the fact is that I was given the pass.  There wasn’t anything I did to earn it.”

“Same thing with my access to God.  Unlimited, and I did nothing to earn it.  All I had to do is accept it.”

“Does it also say ‘VIP’ on the pass that gives you access to God?” I asked with a bit of a smile.

“I am a VIP in God’s eyes.  I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for!”


For through Him we have our access in one Spirit to the Father.  Ephesians 2:18.

Prayer:  Thank you, Father, that I have direct access to you through the finished work of your Son on the Cross.  Thank you for those who brought me to the truth so I could accept that free access.  Thank you that you provided the way.  Please help me in showing others how they, too, can have unlimited free access to you.  Lead me and help me to follow in bringing that truth to those who have not heard it or, for whatever reason, have not accepted it.  Thank you I can and do bring all of these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

One thought on “241. Unlimited Access”

  1. I think I never saw it that way. I struggle with the thought that God is gracious and generous to His children. My childhood didn’t reflect much of these things. My dad abandoned us and I have no idea how God the Father can be there for me. Thanks for this reminder. God bless you, Waiting 4 the train.


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