247. Cataract Surgery

“I had a phone call yesterday,” Stan began, “from one of my older friends who said she is going to have cataract surgery.  It seems she has developed some cataracts and her vision has become quite cloudy.  She said she is tired of not being able to see clearly.”

“My mom had that,” I responded. “She had cataract surgery and it really helped her to see better.”

Stan then replied, “I have been blessed with good physical vision, but I must have spiritual cataract surgery every single day for my vision of God to remain clear and not get cloudy.”

Continuing, he then said, “If I go too long without having my spiritual vision cleared up, I find that pretty soon I cannot see anything the way God wants me to see.”

“How do you remove spiritual cataracts?” I asked.

“By choosing to ask the only One who can.  By allowing the Holy Spirit to be the expert surgeon.”

“Along with a whole lot of other things,” Stan continued, “the Holy Spirit is in the business of removing spiritual cataracts.”

“I don’t need an appointment.  All I have to do show up, tell the Holy Spirit I am tired of not seeing God clearly, and let Him do what He does best:  change my focus from being on myself to being on God.”

“He probably doesn’t charge a whole lot either,” I said with a smile.

“You’re right,” Stan replied.  “It is all part of the free gift of salvation.  All I have to do is get off of my lazy spiritual behind and seek the clear vision that is mine for the asking.”


And lifting up their eyes, they saw no one, except Jesus Himself alone.  Matthew 17:8.

Prayer:  Lord, you know how cloudy my vision of you can become when I focus not on you, but on myself, the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Thank you that you want me to have a clear vision of you and your will at all times.  Please forgive all of the times I have preferred to have cloudy vision of you, rather than the perfectly clear vision you are willing to provide.  Please, Lord, lead me — and help me to follow — in seeking and finding the vision of you that you have for me.  Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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