452. Watching Out For Satan’s “Gotcha”

“We’ve talked quite a bit about Satan,” Stan began.

“We have,” I responded.  “It wasn’t that long ago that we focused on the idea that a lot of people even deny he exists.”  [Note to reader:  See Posting Number 317, “Happy When People Think He Doesn’t Exist”.]

“You’re right, my friend,” Stan replied.  “And this morning I want to mention something I was focusing on in the apostle Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth.”

Continuing, he said, “Paul was careful to point out something about Satan that is essential to my walk with God.”

“What’s that? I asked.

“Not being ignorant of what Satan tries to do in my life.  Because I accepted Christ’s finished work on the cross, Satan cannot derail me in my trip to spend eternity in God’s presence when it is time, but that’s not the end of the story.”

“How so?” I replied.

“If I am not fully and continually aware of what Satan wants to do,” Stan responded, “there is always the possibility that Satan will be able to impact other lives and eternal destinations by using me as an example of, ‘If that’s a Christian, why do you want that?’”

Continuing, he said, “Satan is always scheming about how he can get more people into his domain.  One of his most effective schemes in keeping people from accepting Christ’s salvation is to be able to point to ineffective Christians, those who are not living for Christ and who are not manifesting Him in their walk on this side of eternity.”

“Satan just loves to say, ‘Gotcha!’.  I don’t want to be a part of that.  And the most effective way for me is to not be ignorant of what Satan is trying to do.  I need to be vigilant and aware, not ignorant of Satan’s craftiness.”

“Best way I know to do that,” Stan concluded, “is to be surrendered to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in my life as I choose to follow His leading, not the leading of Satan!”


So that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, we are not ignorant of his schemes.  2 Corinthians 2:11.

Prayer:  Thank you, Father, that you make available to me knowledge of the schemes of Satan in seeking constantly to affect my walk with you.  I confess that too many times I have been ignorant of his schemes and have allowed him to have undue influence in my life.  Please forgive me.  Please, Father, open me as fully as possible to be completely aware of what Satan wants to do in and through me to bring others into his domain.  Help me to resist him so he will flee and leave me alone.  Help me to always be aware of his nasty schemes and choose to not be a part of anything he wants.  Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.


Things to think (and journal) about:

1.  What is your biggest take-away from this devotional?

2.  What does this devotional say about God and about us as His people?

3.  What is God saying to you to do personally?

4.  Who can you share this with to make a difference?


Comments, questions, suggestions, and the like can be addressed to The Storyteller at: waiting4thetrain@gmail.com.

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