504. Not Enough Of God To Go Around?

“What are you guys going to have?” Ricky asked as he was ready to take our order.

I ordered, and Stan said, “I’ll have a stack of blueberry pancakes.”

“Sorry, Stan,” Ricky replied.  “No blueberries this morning.  The fellow who delivers all of the produce said there had been an unexpected run on them at the market and that there weren’t  any blueberries for him to buy.”

“That’s okay,” Stan replied.  “I’ll have some plain buttermilk ones today.  I know they will be terrific.”

“That must be a disappointment,” I said as Ricky left.  “I know how much you like blueberry pancakes.”

“Life won’t end,” Stan replied.

“Besides,” he continued, “this gives me an opportunity to mention a related lesson that is recorded in Mark’s gospel.  One about never having to be concerned that there is not going to be enough of God to go around.”

“What’s that about?” I asked.

“It has to do with my relationship with God.” Stan replied.  “If I have a relationship with Him and I seek for that relationship to grow ever-deeper, it will happen.  I never need to be concerned that I will exhaust the supply of what God has for me.”

“More will be given as I pursue it,” Stan said.

“On the other hand,” he continued, “if I don’t have a relationship with God or if I don’t pursue that relationship for all that it can provide, I will not be able to experience all that God has for me.”

“It would be kind of like God ran out of what He could provide,” Stan continued, “that there is not enough of Him to go around.  That wouldn’t be true, of course, but it would seem like that. As well, it is likely that even what I had could be eroded and taken away.”

“So,” he concluded, “when I am pursuing my relationship with God, I go full throttle and don’t let up.  I don’t want to miss out on anything and everything He has for me!”


For whoever has, to him shall more be given; and whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him.  Mark 4:25.

Prayer:  Thank you, Father, for the abundant provision of yourself to me.  Thank you that what you have for me in my relationship with you will never cease to grow as long as I seek and pursue it.  I confess that too often I fail to seek after all you have for me, that I fall into a sense of being content with where I am with you.  Please forgive me.  And please, Father, lead me and help me to follow in pursuing everything you have for me in my relationship with you, knowing beyond a doubt that what you have for me is unending.  Please help me to follow every step of your lead in knowing you and your Son.  Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.


Things to think (and journal) about:

1.  What is your biggest take-away from this devotional?

2.  What does this devotional say about God and about us as His people?

3.  What is God saying to you to do personally?

4.  Who can you share this with to make a difference?


Comments, questions, suggestions, and the like can be addressed to The Storyteller at: waiting4thetrain@gmail.com.

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