Refilling the Coffee Cup

Stans’s main takeaway for each day this past week:

Monday, June 20 (Many Damascus Roads?) — Are we persecuting Jesus by our thoughts, words, and deeds?

Tuesday, June 21 (Which Three Thousand?) — We can be a part of the group that accepts what God has for us or a part of the group that rejects it. It’s a matter of choice. Choose wisely.

Wednesday, June 22 (Giving God the Credit) — Our role is to acknowledge and give glory to God for what He does in and through us, not take credit ourselves.

Thursday, June 23 (Waiting for God — or Waiting on Him?) — Too often we wait for God to do something, usually for us, while we are to wait on Him in the sense of serving Him.

Friday June 24 (Sowing in the Best Way Possible) — Taking a cue from the parable of the sower, are we sowing God’s word in the best way possible so it yields fruit?

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