Refilling the Coffee Cup (July 2, 2022)

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

The full version of each posting can be found at


Monday, June 27 (It’s a Personal Decision) — Coming to faith is personal for each person.  “Borrowed faith” doesn’t work.

Tuesday, June 28 (Thinking Again About Romans 8:28) — Reflecting on the importance of knowing the conditions about God causing all things to work together for good.

Wednesday, June 29 (Time Zips By) — In the busyness of our lives, it’s easy to not use our time in the best way (God’s way) and to look back with regret, wondering where all the time went.

Thursday, June 30 (The Drawer Full of Tangled Stuff) — We all have things in our lives we don’t need that should be discarded. Do it before you have a tangled mess!

Friday, July 1 (Choosing Between Something Good and Something Better) — All of our choices are not between good and bad. Some involve good and better choices.

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