Refilling the Coffee Cup — Week of July 4, 2022

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

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Monday, July 4 (If I don’t confess, how am I going to Repent?) — If we don’t admit (confess) we are going in the wrong direction, how are we going to turn around (repent)?

Tuesday, July 5 (Doesn’t “all” include everyone?) — Jesus died for all. God does not want any to perish. Are we relating to everyone as if they are included in God’s plan of salvation?

Wednesday, July 6 (A right way and a wrong way to correct) — The Book of Acts offers an excellent example of how (and how not) to help people increase their understanding of God and His provision.

Thursday, July 7 (Is it dead faith or just faith without life?) — James wrote that faith without works is dead. What does faith without life look like?

Friday, July 8 (Making “thy” and “my” the same thing) —We are to pray for God’s will be done, not for our will apart from His to be done. How’s that going to happen?

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