Refilling the Coffee Cup — Week of July 11, 2022

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

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Monday, July 11 (Shouldn’t they both be excellent?) — Proverbs chapter 31 focuses on the “excellent wife.” Look at it from the standpoint of the “excellent spouse.”

Tuesday, July 12 (Wondering about wandering) — Not all who wander are lost. Is that true? Depends on who’s wandering where and why. Don’t get lost!

Wednesday, July 13 (Job’s job description) — At the beginning of the Book of Job is a description of who and what he was. Can we be described the same way?

Thursday, July 14 (Let them know it was worthwhile) — We are where we are in our relationship with God because people helped us. We should thank them.

Friday, July 15 (The oxygen mask came down; now what?) — What are we to do to help others with what God provides for us, beginning with salvation?

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