July 23, 2022 — Refilling the Coffee Cup (Week of July 18, 2022)

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

The full version of each posting can be found at www.waiting4thetrain.com


Monday, July 18 (Stumbling is a big deal) — Jesus had some tough words about things that cause us to stumble. Why?

Tuesday, July 19 (Avoiding the regret of being foolish) — Eternity is a long time to be separated from God. It can be avoided by not being foolish!

Wednesday, July 20 (Going home or elsewhere?) — Jesus healed a man who picked up his bed and went home. Did he do anything else? What about the rest of us who have been healed? What are we doing?

Thursday, July 21 (Dealing with a difficult person) — Some people can be difficult to deal with. How are we supposed to relate to them?

Friday, July 22 (The really important thing about being deceived) — Satan is in the business of deception. Always has been; always will be. What are we to do?

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