August 20, 2022 — Refilling the Coffee Cup (Week of August 15, 2022)

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

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Note: Feel free to forward this to friends, family, etc. as a way to introduce them to Stan,  S. Tory Teller, and the conversations about faith, discipleship, and what it means to be a Christian.


Monday, August 15 (What did the disciples do with the bread?) — When Jesus gave the disciples bread for the feeding of the 5000, what did they do with it? What are we to do with what God gives us?

Tuesday, August 16 (Whose business are you minding?) — How do you respond when you share your faith and the person says, “Why don’t you mind your own business?”

Wednesday, August 17 (From being delighted to being delightful) — God wants us to be delighted in Him and to be delightful to Him. How are we doing with that?

Thursday, August 18 (Is there sufficient evidence to convict?) — Our lives as Christians are supposed to manifest Christ and what He taught. Is there sufficient evidence of that?

Friday, August 19 (The motivation to hear His “well done”) — What motivates us to live godly lives — is it to impress others with our godliness, or is it purely to please God?

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