October 1, 2022 — Refilling the Coffee Cup (Week of September 26, 2022)

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

The full version of each posting can be found at www.waiting4thetrain.com

Note: Please forward this to friends, family, etc. as a way to introduce them to Stan,  S. Tory Teller, and the conversations about faith, discipleship, and what it means to be a Christian.


Monday, September 26 (Who and what do you have on first?) — Using baseball and comedy, Stan makes the point that God is to be first in our lives.

Tuesday, September 27 (Everywhere? Anywhere? Nowhere?) — When the people of Capernaum heard Jesus speak, they were amazed and told everyone. Are we amazed? Who do we tell?

Wednesday, September 28 (Lessons in discipleship are where you find them) — A fortune cookie tells Stan to “be himself.” He sees this as contrary to denying himself in being a disciple. How do you see it?

Thursday, September 29 (Going from the “great omission” to the great commission) — Jesus said to go into the world with the truth of the gospel. Are we doing that?

Friday, September 30 (Drilling down with your thankfulness) — It is easy for our thankfulness to God to be shallow without considering all that His blessings mean. We need to look closer!

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