A Reminder about Feedback

Do you know that your comments are important and always welcome?

Your feedback helps S. Tory Teller know if something needs to be changed, such as  grammar, a typo, and things like that. Or it could be something more serious.

In addition, your comments about particular postings can provide valuable input about what’s important to you for your faith walk. What you say may also help other people see something they didn’t recognize until you pointed it out! 

To comment on a particular posting, go to the end of it and click on “Comment.” Or, if you have received the posting as an email, simply reply to the email.

S. Tory Teller

One thought on “A Reminder about Feedback”

  1. I think your posts are absolutely excellent and nothing needs to be changed. I look forward to reading them every day and quite frequently share them with my wife and children. Keep up the good work. You are work is bringing a lot of people to the Lord I am sure. It is also helping believers, strengthen and grow their faith. Thank you for your hard work and putting them together every day. Jim wise


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