April 25, 2023 — Note to Readers

For several different reasons, Stan and S. Tory Teller are going to cut back — at least temporarily — and not present a new devotion each day. 

Beginning this week, new devotions will appear each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the week’s summary on Saturday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there may be suggestions for revisiting a certain devotion, giving more attention to “Think on this” points, or, perhaps, for you to write about what you are doing while you wait for the train!

Since there’s not a new devotion for today, how about taking another look at the one from Tuesday, April 18? It encouraged focusing on the 15th chapter of John’s gospel as a way to develop a deeper walk with God. That chapter is all about abiding in (or remaining with) Jesus. Is that something that would helpful for you?

One thought on “April 25, 2023 — Note to Readers”

  1. Many thanks for any and all thought-provoking devotions that have been shared by Stan & S. Tory Teller through the years. Grateful that they will continue, even on a more limited basis. Thank you


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