The material that appears in this devotional site is based on more than twenty years of daily journaling of prayers and communications with the Lord.

The devotionals are intended to help the reader in the process of maturing as a Christian, whether as a new believer or someone who, for whatever reason, has not moved very far along the way toward spiritual maturity.

The format of the devotionals flows from the first day where the one telling the story has become a Christian, but doesn’t know what to do next.  Proceeding to find out, the storyteller is led to a man named Stan who becomes the his spiritual mentor through regular discipling.

Each devotional consists of a one-point conversation between Stan and the storyteller, with the intent of helping the storyteller along the road to spiritual maturity.  Each devotional ends with a Scripture and a prayer that, in essence, summarizes the point covered by the devotional.

It is our prayer that you will be helped and encouraged to proceed on the path to spiritual transformation.

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