As added introductory comment, please know that when I first started writing the daily blog postings they were much less complete than what is being posted currently. Thus, I suggest you also look at the more recent postings to get the full flavor of what Waiting for the Train is all about — Scripture references, a deep prayer that, in essence, summarizes the point of the devotion, along with Think on This points for personal reflection and discussion with others who are waiting for the train. My prayer is that you and your faith walk will benefit from what you read each day. (S. Tory Teller, August 20, 2022).


The postings on this site are based on the author’s twenty-plus years of daily journaling, which, in essence, is a written conversation with God. That conversation flows from reading and studying Scripture, praying, and listening to the Holy Spirit. Each posting on this website is intended to help you in the process of maturing as a Christian, whether you are a new believer or one who wants to continue on the path of growth in Christ. If you are not yet a believer, there’s still time before the train leaves. Welcome!

The storyline begins when the narrator, S. Tory Teller, has just become a Christian but does not know what to do next. Proceeding to find out, he is led to a man named Stan, who becomes his mentor, discipling him in his faith as they meet regularly for conversation over breakfast. Each conversation is followed by Scripture references that connect to that day’s theme. Then there is a prayer that leads to deeper understanding. Finally, there are “Think on This” points intended to stimulate further thought and discussion with others who are also “waiting for the train.” These “Think on this” points were added after many devotionals were posted. I am gradually going back and adding them to this site.

I encourage you to write your thoughts. Journaling has made a significant difference in my faith walk, and it may in yours as well.

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