49. Listen

Stan began, “The ninth chapter of Mark’s gospel has the story of the transfiguration.”

“Jesus went to a mountain and took with him Peter, James, and John.”

“I remember the story,” I said.  “Jesus was changed in appearance, thus, it is called the ‘transfiguration.’  Elijah and Moses appeared and were talking with Jesus.”

“Yes, they were,” said Stan, “and the disciples had no idea of what to make of what they were seeing.  The gospel account actually says they were ‘terrified.’  And I can well imagine that it was true.”

“An interesting point is that Mark’s account doesn’t indicate how the disciples knew who they were seeing, but that is besides the point.”

“What is the point?”

“What happened next is the point,” Stan responded.

“A cloud formed.  And out of the cloud came a voice that said, “This is My beloved Son, listen to Him.”

“God the Father was clearly speaking and telling the disciples what to do.  Listen to Jesus.”

Stan continued, “I hear the same thing every single day.  Listen!”

“The Father did not say, ‘hear My Son’; He said ‘listen’ to Him.  And there is an important difference between hearing and listening.  I need to remind myself of that difference on a continual basis and truly focus on the listening part.”


This is My beloved Son, listen to Him!  Mark 9:7

Prayer:  Lord, thank you that you want me to listen to Jesus.  You know how easily I am distracted from hearing and listening to Him, let alone obeying what He wants.  I need and ask for your constant help in being alert to your voice so that I hear, listen, and obey.  Amen.

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