57. Looking at the Present

“You know what keeps me from seeing what God is doing right now?” Stan asked.

Without stopping to even let me respond, he continued, “It is self.  I have my eyes so focused on what I want, and what I want to see happen, that I can’t see what He is doing.”

“Sounds to me that you are being too critical of yourself,” I responded.

“Not true!” Stan replied.

“I cannot be too critical for failing to get myself out of the way so I can see what God is doing, and what He wants to do in and through me.”

“Couldn’t that just lead a person to spent all the time looking for God’s activity and never get anything done?”

“OK,” Stan replied.  “Good point.  I am not to sit around like some Guru on the mountain top looking for God’s activity, but I am to be so close to Him in my daily life that I do not miss what He is doing.”

“Alright,” I said, “I can agree with that.  What is supposed to happen when I see something that God is doing?”

“Acknowledge it, embrace it, and see how you can join Him in being a part of what He is doing.”


Your people will volunteer freely in the day of your power.  Psalm 110:3.

Prayer:  Lord, I need your moment-by-moment help in getting myself out of your way so I can see, understand, and embrace what you are doing around me.  I need that help and I ask you for it.  Then, when you show me what you are doing, please lead me to what you have for me to do and to be in joining you in your activity.  Lead and help me to follow. Amen.

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