90. Revival is a Choice

“You know,” Stan began, “there is a lot of talk in at least some parts of the church of the need for revival.  There are constant prayers for revival.”

“Yeah,” I responded.  “I think that is great.”

“What I think,” Stan responded, “is that revival would be fabulous, but it will not be accomplished by praying about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Revival starts with the individual.  Each individual has to choose to be revived.  As more and more individuals are revived, the church will be revived.”

“God is not just going to zap the church and it will be revived.  That’s not how He works.”

“We all can be pulled down by the world, the flesh, and the devil.  When Satan seeks to pull me down and put me on the sidelines, I turn to God and to His word and I am revived.”

“There is no reason to lay on the sidelines when I can choose to be revived.”

“And there is no reason for the church to be ineffective when it can choose to be revived.  God is waiting.”


This is my comfort in my affliction, that your word has revived me.  Psalm 119:50.

Prayer:  Lord, you want me to be revived., and you provide all I need for that revival.  You also want your church to be revived as a whole.  You want it to be what you intend, and you also provide all that is necessary for that.  You wait for the choices to be made, one individual at a time, until the whole church is revived.  Please help me to be a part of what you want to see accomplished for the revival of your church.  Amen.

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