324. Sad Ending With A Great Lesson

“We’ve talked a little bit,” Stan began, “about the fellow known as the ‘rich young ruler’.”

“We have,” I responded.  “He’s the one who went away disappointed after talking with Jesus, never to be heard from again.”

“That’s right,” Stan replied, “and this morning I would like to focus on something about him we didn’t talk about before, something that has a real impact on me and my relationship with God.”

“What do you have for me, Stan?” I replied.

“In Mark’s gospel account,” Stan responded, “it says that after the young fellow asked Jesus about eternal life and told Jesus he had done everything he thought he needed to do, Jesus looked at him with love and, in essence, told the young man that he lacked the most essential thing, which was a personal relationship with Jesus.”

“To me,” Stan continued, “the important part of this is that, in the first instance, Jesus looked at the young man with love.  Then Jesus told him what he lacked.”

“For a long time before I responded to Jesus,” Stan said, “He looked at me with love, telling me what I lacked. And every single day He continues to look at me with love, watching for my continual response.”

“Everything Jesus did and does is motivated by His love for me.  I just have to get my self-focus out of the way in order to see it so I can respond.”

Concluding, Stan said, “The rich young man wouldn’t get himself out of the way so he could see and accept Jesus’ love.  As you said, he went away never to be heard from again.  Sad ending for him, but a great lesson for me.”


And looking at him, Jesus felt love for him, and said to him, “One thing you lack:  go and sell all you possess, and give it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.  Mark 10:21.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for making it so clear what you have for me, and that it all flows from your amazing love.  I confess I was way too slow in responding to your love and all you have for me, and that I am often too slow to respond now.  Please forgive me.  And please lead me and help me to follow you exactly as you want into an ever-deepening relationship with you.  Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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