October 12, 2021 — Being Allowed to be a Part of what God is Doing

“I was reading in Luke’s gospel the other day,” I commented on morning, “and there’s a story that has always made me wonder.”

“Wonder about what?” Stan asked.

“How,” I replied, “as a practical matter, it could have happened.”

“What were you looking at?” Stan said.

“The story where Jesus was getting ready to enter Jerusalem and go to the cross,” I replied. “Where He sent two disciples to go and get a donkey colt for Him to ride on.”

“What about it?” Stan asked.

“How Jesus told the disciples to tell anyone who asked what they were doing, that ‘the Lord has need of it’. How is the owner of the colt going to give it to some strangers just because they said that?”

“Seems to me,” Stan replied, “that this may be another instance of where God moved to allow some people to be a part of what He was doing.”

“How so?” I asked.

“In the first instance,” Stan said, “I don’t think Jesus needed to have these people loan Him the donkey colt. He could have just made one appear like He did with the water into wine or the feeding of the five thousand with virtually nothing.”

“You really think that?” I asked.

“God can do whatever He wants,” Stan responded. “He doesn’t need us, but He does want us to be involved in what He’s doing. In this instance, I think by telling the disciples to tell the owner of the colt that He had need of it, Jesus was allowing the owners to be involved in what God was doing, even though they may not have understood it at the time.”

“You ever experience anything like that?” I asked.

“Being allowed to be a part of what God is doing?” he asked.  “Is that what you’re asking?”

“Yeah, that’s it,” I replied. “That ever happen to you?”

“Only all of the time, if, and I emphasize ‘if,’ I’m open to seeing, being led, and following!”


Bible verses to consider:

And it came about when He approached Bethphage and Bethany, near the mount that is called Olivet, He sent two of the disciples, saying, “Go into the village opposite you, in which, as you enter you will find a colt tied, on which no one yet has ever sat; untie it, and bring it here. And if anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ thus you shall speak, ‘The Lord has need of it.’” Luke 19:29-31.

Prayer: Thank you, Father, that you allow me to be a part of what you are doing to accomplish whatever it is you want. I confess that too often I am not involved in what you are doing because either I am not open to seeing how you want to involve me, or I choose to not be involved.  Please forgive that foolishness, and please help me in following every step of your lead so I am involved with what you are doing to accomplish your purposes exactly as you intend. Thank you I can and do bring these prayers before you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Think on this: Have you chosen to be involved with God for eternity when your time here is completed? If no, why? What’s in the way of accepting His free and gracious gift of life eternally with Him? If you do have the assurance of salvation, how are you doing with choosing to be involved in God’s kingdom purposes on this side of eternity? If you sense you are being called to be more involved with what God is doing, how is that going to happen? Is that what you want? Why or why not?

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