February 25, 2023 — Refilling the Coffee Cup (Week of February 20, 2023)

Stan’s main takeaway for each day this past week.

The full version of each posting can be found at www.waiting4thetrain.com

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Monday, February 20 (A question that goes to the heart of the matter) — Jesus asked a pointed question: “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and don’t do what I say?” What’s our answer?

Tuesday, February 21 (What to ask when God gets your attention) — When Jesus got Saul’s attention, Saul asked, “What shall I do?” Do we ask that question?

Wednesday, February 22  (Looking in the wrong place or in the wrong direction?) — Jesus  looked to heaven and to His heavenly Father. Do we do the same?

Thursday, February 23 (A closer look at a personal testimony) — A personal testimony is telling someone else what God has done for you. Jesus talked about that. What’s your story?

Friday, February 24 (Smiling at the future) — There’s a lot to smile about in being allowed to be in God’s eternal presence — not just in the future, but beginning here. Are you smiling?

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