32. Bearing Witness

“Let’s talk about being a witness,” Stan opened our conversation one morning.

“What kind of witness are you talking about?” I asked him.

“Well, let’s start with being a witness in court.  What does that look like?” Stan asked.

“A witness gets on the stand and tells what he or she saw, what was witnessed,” I responded.

“I can agree with that,” Stan said.

He then added, “What about being a witness from the Christian standpoint?”

“Well, I suppose,” I began, it is telling another person what it means to be a Christian.”

“On what do you base that supposition?” Stan responded.

“I guess I shouldn’t have said, ‘I suppose,” I said rather defensively.

“Yeah, let’s not ‘suppose’ anything,” was Stan’s reply.  Let’s focus on fact.  What is the fact of being a Christian witness?”

“Since I am having a bit of trouble with this,” I said to Stan, “why don’t you tell me what you think?”

“OK,” he said.  “Being a Christian witness is not just telling someone anything,” he said with emphasis.  “If you have to use words, you may be on the wrong track.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Being a Christian witness is a lifestyle,” Stan replied.  “In John’s Gospel, Jesus is recorded as having said that when we have the Spirit of Truth in us, that Spirit will bear witness of Jesus, and that we will also bear witness.”

“Is there a key to that?” I asked.

“I believe there is,” Stan replied.  “The key is getting self out of the way so that the Holly Spirit can do the witnessing He is intended to do.  It is choosing to allow God’s Spirit to do all He wants to do in and through us.”

Stan continued, “No one should ever conclude from being with me, or with you, ‘what a wonderful person he is!’  No, the conclusion should be ‘I have just been with someone who bears a strong family resemblance to the Risen Christ.’”

Concluding, Stan said, “That is what I think being a Christian witness is all about.”

“More to chew on,” was my response.


When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of Truth, who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness of Me.  John 15:26.

Prayer:  Lord, you have provided the Spirit of Truth to witness to me about you, and to lead and guide me in being to others a witness of you.  I ask for your help in being the witness you intend so that you will make a difference in lives and eternal destinations through me.  Amen

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