33. The Land of the Living

“Once a person has settled the question of where he or she is going when the time here is completed,” Stan began, “there is only one thing left to do.”

“And that is . . .,” I responded with an open question.

“Live in the land of the living.  Live the life that is intended for this side of eternity.”

“Can you expand on that?” I asked Stan.

“Sure,” was his response.  “I will talk about what I know best, and that is my personal experience.  I settled where I am going when I step into eternity by accepting the free gift of Christ Jesus’ finished work on the cross.  Done deal.  Ticket bought, paid for, issued, and accepted.”

“No more question about where I am going,” Stan said and then added, “The only question is who am I going to bring with me.”

“It’s like I am going to stand before the Lord and hear Him say, ‘welcome Stan’ and then ask, ‘are you all by yourself?’”

“I don’t want to have to answer that question with a ‘yes’,” Stan said seriously.  “I am left here for one purpose.”

“Tell me,” I said.

“My purpose is to glorify and magnify God, and to bless others in His name and for His sake so that their vision of God is expanded and enhanced.  Then those people will go on to glorify and magnify God and bless others — and on and on it goes,” was what Stan had to say.

“It can only be done in the land of the living,” Stan concluded.  “When I step into eternity my opportunity to bring others with me will be at an end.  I want it to end well,” he concluded.


Psalm 116:9 — I shall walk before the Lord in the land of the living.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for the free gift of salvation and that I know where I am going when my time here is done.  You have left me here for your purposes, and I ask you to lead me to those you want me to help on this side of eternity.  Please, Lord, bring before me those you want me to bring with me when I meet you in eternity.  Amen.

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