46. The Basics — Kindness and Mercy

Stan opened our conversation with, “The second basic we talked a little about the other day has to do with loving mercy.  Some of the Bible translations use the word ‘kindness’ instead of ‘mercy,’ but let’s lump them together under ‘mercy.”

“God wants us to love mercy, loving to receive it as well as show it.”

Stan continued, “While grace is receiving what we do not deserve, mercy is not getting what we do deserve.”

“The cross of Christ is the greatest demonstration of God’s mercy towards me.  He took upon Himself all of the punishment I deserve so that I can be perfectly right with God the Father.  When I stand before Him in eternity, there will be nothing to condemn because in His mercy I am forgiven.”

“That demonstration of mercy is to be my blueprint for showing mercy to others on this side of eternity.”

Continuing, Stan said, “Too often I am tempted to retaliate against those I think have wronged me.  When those kinds of thoughts occur to me, I know it is the work of Satan who does not want me to show mercy.”

“Why would Satan not want you to show mercy?” I asked rather innocently.

“Satan knows that he cannot affect my eternal destination.  That was settled for all time when I accepted the free gift of salvation.”

“However, Satan can affect my testimony on this side of eternity.  If he can get me to fail to show mercy to another person, my testimony is muted and any possibility of impacting that person regarding his or her life and eternal destination may be lost.”

My response was, “When mercy is looked at from that standpoint, I can certainly see why God wants me to love mercy!”

“Amen,” was Stan’s closing.


Love mercy.  Micah 6:8

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for your mercy in not giving me what I deserve.  I thank you for the finished work of Christ Jesus on the cross that paid the full price for my salvation.  I ask you to help me in showing mercy to others in ways that will help them see your mercy.  Amen.

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