47. The Basics — Walk Humbly With God

“The third basic we touched on the other day,” said Stan,” deals with walking humbly with God.”

“This,  I believe, is at the heart of everything dealing with a Christian disciple’s life on this side of eternity.”

Stan continued, “One of the hardest things in my Christian life has been to do what this basic says, to walk humbly.  To do so requires moment-by-moment denial of self.”

“Self does not want to be humble, it wants to be in charge.  I struggle with this constantly,”  Stan admitted.  “It is the old reminder that He is God and I am not!”

I added, “Yes, I have to constantly remind myself that He is the creator and I am the created.  For the created being to fail to be humble in walking with the Creator is contrary to our respective roles.”

Stan then added, “Through the years of drawing ever closer to God through my journaling time with Him, I have the sense that something special has occurred.  I know that that is true, but I have to keep in focus that even though God has created a special relationship, it does not make me special.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you are getting at Stan.”

“A special relationship is what God wants with each one of his disciples.  Just because a lot of those bound for Glory do not reach for that sort of relationship with Him on this side of eternity, does not mean that those who do are special.  Rather, they are the norm of what He wants.”

Continuing, Stan added, “And it is to be a humble walk that begins with a humble surrender at the foot of the cross.  It took a humble heart for me to admit that I cannot save and I cannot sanctify myself.  That is the work of my Creator.  My role as a created one is to continue to walk  humbly with Him wherever He wants to lead after I have denied self and taken up the cross He has for me.”


For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives

Himself.  Galatians 6:3

Prayer:  Lord, I know you want me to walk humbly with you.  I also know that you know how difficult that is for me.  Please help me in being constantly reminded that a special relationship with you does not make me special.  And I ask you to move in me to create the exact kind of humble walk you want for me.  Amen. 

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