68. Look at all Those Weeds

“I think,” Stan said, “that I told you I grew up on a farm.”

“Yes, you did.”

“One day when my dad and I were going somewhere in his pickup truck, we drove by a neighbor’s farm.  My dad slowed down and said, ‘look at all those weeds.  Harry sure is a lazy farmer!’”

Continuing, Stan said, “I never want to hear those words from God.”

“You’re not a farmer, Stan.”

“No, I am not, but there’s an analogy here.”

“I do not want my Heavenly Father and His Son to drive by my life and say, ‘look at all those weeds.  Stan sure is a lazy Christian!”

Stan went on, “Weeds sprout up in my life if I am not careful to keep them out.  Satan just loves to spread his weed seed and hope for germination.  He loves to see lazy Christians.”

“By saying ‘lazy Christian,’” I asked, “are you saying we are to be working?”

“Yes, but not working our way to heaven, for that cannot be done, but definitely working out our salvation by being who God intends and doing what He intends.”

“And allowing weeds to grow in my life is not what God has in mind for me!”


Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.  Philippians 2:12.

Prayer:  Lord, you know all about my tendency to allow weeds to grow in my life.  I do not want those weeds any more than you do, but often I need your help.  I know your help is available, but too often I do not take the steps to seek, receive, and embrace all of your help in overcoming the one who plants the weed seeds.  Please help me.  Amen.

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