71. Wandering

“Do you believe,” I asked Stan, “that as Tolkien said, ‘not all who wander are lost’?”

“Depends on where and why they are wandering,” Stan replied.

Continuing, he said, “For a long time I wandered around the world, the flesh, and the devil.  I was certainly lost, and it was not a good thing.”

“Then through God’s magnificent grace, I was found, no longer to wander without Him.”

“However, I still tend to wander away from His will for me and it is not a good thing.”

“I am no longer lost in the sense of not knowing where I am going when my time here is done, but I certainly can lose my focus from wandering on this side of eternity.”

“What’s the answer, Stan?”

“God will lead me as He wants.  To avoid wandering away from where He wants me to be, I have to keep my focus on Him and His lead.  And I have to follow.  That is the most important part!”

“I must choose to be with Him, not to wander away.


With all my heart I have sought you; do not let me wander from your commandments.  Psalm 119:10. 

Prayer:  Lord, you saved me from wandering without you.  For that I am eternally grateful.  You know my tendency to wander away from what you have me to be and to do on this side of eternity.  I know that such wandering is not what you want.  It is not what I want either.  I ask you to help me to not wander, but to only follow you to where you want me to be.  Amen.

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